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Clausen and Sons is a third generation contractor established in 1960 in Malta, Montana by Pete Clausen.  Pete was running a Ford dealership and a Phillips 66 bulk fuel delivery and gas station/tire shop at the time, when he decided to get into the construction business.  He began selling and erecting Eaton grain bins.  In 1960, a Behlen representative named Chub Parks made a visit to Malta and convinced Pete to become a part of the Behlen family.  That year, the company became the second Behlen building dealer in Montana and has since built a highly successful business around Behlen building products.

In 1971, Pete sold the Ford dealership in Malta and moved his wife and five children to Zortman, Montana, a small mining community with a population of  27, counting the seven Clausens.  Having started working on buildings at an early age, Pete’s oldest son David was 17 years old at this point and took his senior year of high school via correspondence with Malta High School during 1972 – 1973.  Grain bins, Curvets and farm buildings were the primary focus of the business at that time.  Pete and his three sons traveled around the Zortman area, working under the name of “Clausen Wholesale.”  At this time, the business became a family affair.  Pete’s wife and two daughters would often travel with the family to job sites to do the cooking while the boys erected buildings.  The family enjoyed working together until the 1980’s, when David’s two brothers left Zortman and the business to pursue careers in the financial world.  By 1975, the family business took on a new name – “Pete Clausen and Sons.”

1979 was another milestone for Clausen and Sons, as a young man named Pat Newton had just graduated high school and began working for Pete. The company was incorporated in 1981, now bearing the name “Pete Clausen and Sons, Inc.”  Once Pete retired in 1993,  Dave continued running the business and opened a small office in Havre.  At that time, Pat Newton also joined Dave as a co-owner of “Clausen and Sons.” 

In 1996 Office Manager Paula Hanson and Project Superintendent Tracy McLain joined the team. After working many summers with her dad pouring concrete and doing other work on the job sites, Dave’s oldest daughter, Autumn, permanently joined the company in 2008 as a Project Manager. 

Throughout the years, Clausen and Sons has worked with numerous architects and engineers and managed, designed and built a variety of structures within various sectors of the economy.  One thing remains unchanged at Clausen and Sons and that is a commitment to safety, quality, integrity, craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and trust. This commitment is part of every project. From design to completion and subsequent maintenance, each phase of construction is completed with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. 

The primary goal at the company has always been focused on saving customer’s time and money, while giving them the utmost in quality and service.  Since 1960, we have been serving the needs of customers throughout the state of Montana, portions of North Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho with integrity and hard work. The success of Clausen and Sons is derived from quality construction management and an unmatched work ethic from the owners and personnel alike. The company knows that honesty and commitment lead to success.  This philosophy exemplifies why we have been a trusted part of hundreds of projects throughout the years, including many of the most recognizable buildings in the area.

Clausen and Sons has a rich history of on time and on budget performance with strict attention to detail and quality control.  The company is capable of getting out of the ground faster and more accurately than any of its competitors. The continued strategy of close communication with the owners and architects makes for continued relationships with past clients and team members.  We have the crews and equipment, along with adequate resources that allow projects to move smoothly and follow the established schedule. The company is proactive about potential problems and is ready to address them.

Full quality control is exercised over all projects. Clausen and Sons’ ability to tailor an approach for each job allows total responsiveness to clients' desires and needs. 

Safety Commitment

It is the policy of Clausen and Sons to conduct its operations in the safest possible manner.  The goal of the company’s safety policy is to eliminate injuries.  In order to accomplish this, we will take all action necessary in planning, assigning and supervising work operations to establish and maintain safe and healthful working conditions on projects and facilities.  We intend to voluntarily comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and any other safety codes or requirements which may be mandated by a particular contract.  No employee will be required to or knowingly permitted to work in an unsafe place.  The commitment to safety is evidenced by its 0.71 Workers Compensation Modification Factor.  This is something Clausen and Sons takes great pride in.

All subcontractors and visitors to our projects will be required to adhere to the company safety policy and OSHA regulations.  The welfare and safety of the entire crew requires conscientious efforts to promote a safety program.  Each superintendent will follow through with the safety policy and be satisfied that each employee is capable and competent in his or her work.  Safety is the responsibility of everyone.  It is critical that all personnel of Clausen and Sons work together to promote safety in order to enhance the well-being of all.


Clausen and Sons has taken on many challenging building projects over the years.  With each new endeavor, the company has increased the staff's expertise, equipment capabilities and building resources.  A superb fleet of vehicles and equipment have been maintained over the years and are kept in excellent condition.  Our inventory of vehicles and equipment bring much pride to the company and are among the best of any construction operation.  The range of tools available in the shop is extensive.  Most tools for all capacities in the areas of metal millwork, rebar, carpentry and sheet metal fabrication are on hand.  Other various construction components are also located at the shop in Havre.

Microsoft Project scheduling software is utilized, along with Auto Desk Revit drawing software and Maxwell Systems Pro-Contractor Construction Accounting Software.

Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a range of technical skills that are crucial to the success of the company. The personnel in the office and in the field are equipped with years of experience that allow for effective planning, scheduling, communication and execution of work for all phases of construction. They are able to anticipate what Montana and the local environment has to offer and work together in the safest manner possible to assure that the highest level of quality is attained while being mindful of staying on schedule and within the project’s allotted budget.

The company has dedicated employees and works hard to be able to assure there is always a sufficient workload so they can take care of their families.  We understand the importance of the responsibility we have to them.

Clausen and Sons prides itself in its close relationships with local subcontractors.  We understand the importance of taking care of our subs with prompt payment for services performed. It is also crucial to work with subs to attain accurate scheduling, planning and working towards the common goal of making a project positive and successful for the owner, designers and contractors involved.


Clausen and Sons is bonded by PayneWest Insurance, with a capacity of $15,000,000 for single jobs and an aggregate program of $30,000,000.

Our current Workers Compensation modification factor is 0.71


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